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United States 2006 Benjamin Franklin Coin and Chronicles Set with Scientist $1 Silver Dollar BU

United States 2006 Benjamin Franklin Coin and Chronicles Set with Scientist $1 Silver Dollar BU

Manufacturer: United States
SKU: 05277
Price: $99.95
List Price: $119.95 - Savings: $20.00
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Celebrate Franklin the scientist and publisher! This incredible set sold out at the mint in days!

Sold out at the Mint! In 2006 we celebrate the 300th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin’s birth, the first of our founding fathers to reach this milestone! Franklin was a true renaissance man, with a curriculum vitae too vast to detail here. In the course of his legendary life, he was a journalist, printer, satirist, poet, scholar, musician, philosopher, public servant, educator, economist, librarian, politician, ambassador, diplomat, meteorologist, scientist, and inventor (whew!).

It’s Franklin’s roles as scientist and publisher that are commemorated here. Ben invented the lightning rod and the electrical battery, and labeled electrical charges by the names we still know them, “positive” and “negative”. He even established the principle of “conservation of charge”, which has stood the test of over 200 years of useful application. There is a link below to a well-illustrated article about Franklin the scientist and diplomat, as well as his connections to certain coins.

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Benjamin Franklin by Jean-Baptiste Greuze Investment Note
Normally, a U.S. Mint silver dollar commemorative will have a mintage limit of half a million (the Marine Corps dollar was 600,000). This time out, however, the mintage limit was split between two different designs (Scientist and Founding Father), each with two finishes! In addition, some of the Franklin dollars will be put into other mint sets, such as the Coin and Chronicles set. These much-lower mintages have already created market scarcity, which, coupled with Franklin’s enduring popularity, make this a great long-term bet!

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The Set
This limited-edition, collectible set represents an incredible value! It includes a "Benjamin Franklin - Scientist" uncirculated U.S. silver dollar; a set of four newly-released U.S. postage stamps honoring Benjamin Franklin's many accomplishments; a reproduction of the 1758 edition of Poor Richard's Almanack; and a finely-detailed, intaglio print from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP),  honoring Franklin's role in the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Franklin flies a kite in a full-blown electrical storm to prove that lightning is actually a massive electrical discharge. In reality, Franklin was far too intelligent to do such a foolhardy thing, as the fatal effects of a direct lightning strike were well-documented! Rather, on June 15, 1752, Franklin set a kite aloft into a storm cloud, extracting sparks and establishing the electrical nature of lightning.

An image of Benjamin Franklin’s famous Join, or Die political cartoon, which was originally published in the Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754. Contrary to current popular belief, this cartoon is not about the colonies joining together in rebellion against Great Britain, but rather joining together to fight the French and Indians during the Seven Years War.

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The U.S. Mint’s own extremely elaborate packaging, complete and original with certificate of authenticity.

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Country United States of America
Year of Issue 2006
Issuing Authority     United States Mint
Face Value One Dollar
Weight 26.73 g
Diameter 38.10 mm
Mintage Limit 50,000 Sets
Finish Brilliant Uncirculated
Composition .900 Fine Silver
Edge Serrated (reeded, milled)
Artist Norman E. Nemeth (obverse)
  Charles L. Vickers (reverse)
Certificate Included

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