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Canada 2015 Sugar Maple 5-Coin Pure Silver Maple Leaf Fractional Reverse Proof SML Set with Incuse Design and Translucent Red Enamel GX L10
Canada 2015 Sugar Maple 5-Coin Pure Silver Maple Leaf Fractional Reverse Proof SML Set with Incuse Design and Translucent Red Enamel GX L10

Investment alert! Everyone loves this Silver Maple Leaf 5-Coin Fractional Proof Set, with a one-year-only, incuse design and rich, translucent red enamel - with a mintage limit of just 9,999!

Investment Opportunity!When Canada introduced the first Silver Maple Leaf in 1988, who knew that these would become the most popular and collected series of Canadian coins in history? Now, twenty-five years later, the mint is again making history with this stunning, pure silver reverse proof set with an unique, one-year-only Sugar Maple leaves design! The Mint's third fractional SML Set in the past 10 years,each coin features the same, one-year-only, incuse maple leaves design, commissioned specifically for this set from Canadian artist Lilyane Coulombe! The one troy ounce silver maple is further enhanced with a rich, translucent red enamel! Even more significant is the tremendously low mintage limit of only 9,999, creating a exclusive opportunity for the savvy investor!

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Investment Note - Because of the popularity of Silver Maple Leaf and the very low mintage limit, a quick sell out is expected (just like the past two years)! Take immediate action if you wish to secure one of these incuse sets for your collection. Do not delay!

Pure Silver Maple Leaf 5-Coin Incuse Fractional Set with Translucent Red Enamel

2015 5-Coin Silver Maple Leaf Fractional Set

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A branch of beautiful red, orange & yellow maple leaves in the autumn or fall - leaf.Why Buy This Set?
• Only the third fractional Silver Maple Leaf set since 2004!
• Each Silver Maple Leaf is four 9s pure (.9999 fine)!
• Total worldwide mintage is only 9,999 sets! We expect it to go quickly at the mint and increase in the aftermarket!
• Given this extremely low mintage, the one ounce SML in this set will likely become one of the keys to the entire series!
• Every Silver Maple Leaf collector needs the unique one-ouncer in this set!

 Read on for some more interesting facts about this new Silver Maple Leaf Set!

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Key Points
• Unique, one-year-only design comprised of two overlapping Sugar Maple leaves!
• Design is a commissioned work of art, from Canadian artist Lilyane Coulombe!
• Exquisite, frosted cameo enamel proof finish. Enamel silver maples are hard to find!
• Encapsulated in full numismatic packaging: burgundy presentation case, with individually numbered certificate.

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The Orange Sugar Maple
Orange_Maple.jpg The pride and joy of maple syrup producers in Vermont, Ontario and Quebec (but present as far east as Nova Scotia and as far south as the state of Georgia), the Orange Sugar Maple (Acer Saccarum) is recognized around the world as the source of the sweetest, clearest maple syrup. It takes a great deal of work to produce this tree’s sweet, golden bounty: one quart (one liter) of syrup requires boiling down 10 gallons (40 liters) of sap!

A large-leafed, long-lived tree that often tops 115 feet (35 m) in height, the sugar maple can live for 200 years! The shape of its five-lobed leaf is recognizable around the world; a stylized version of its leaf is found at the center of the Canadian maple leaf flag!

Autumn in a forest dominated by sugar maples is an extraordinary sight. Intense rainbows of yellow, orange, red, and purple seem to set the countryside aflame in regions where sugar maples grow. Native American peoples were long attracted to the sugar maple for its savory sap, sweet flowers, and close-grained hardwood.

But the leaves and sap are not the only prized features of the Sugar Maple. Sugar Maple wood is exceptionally hard, making it a material of choice for furniture-makers and producers of hardwood flooring, as well as makers of other notable products, including bowling pins and alley floors, basketball courts, baseball bats, violins, guitars, and drums.

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Investment Note
Ultra-low mintage, an unique, one-year-only one-ounce Silver Maple Leaf Coin, reverse proof frosted finish, four pure silver fractional maples, all highlighted in sumptuous 24-karat gold plating and all in a handsome, burgundy leatherette presentation case - what more do we have to say?!?!

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Technology Note - Enamel
The vibrant, Green Enamel Silver Maple Leaf features the Royal Canadian Mint’s patented enamel technology. This proprietary technique applies deep, rich, semi-opaque hues to the coin, while light penetrates to give a translucent effect to the color.

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Technology Note - Purity
The Royal Canadian Mint refines the purest silver in the world. Each of these unique fractional silver maple leaf coins is 99.99% pure!

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2015 Silver Maple 5-Coin Silver Set in boxObverse
An unique design by Canadian artist Lilyane Coulombe depicting two overlapping sugar maple leaves. The legend 9999 FINE SILVER guarantees the purity, while the weight of each coin in troy ounces of pure silver is also indicated.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in profile facing right. This portrait, the fourth effigy of the queen to appear on Canadian Coinage, was executed by the artist Susanna Blunt. The legend ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA ("Elizabeth II, Queen by the Grace of God") also appears. The date and denomination are also indicated.

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Each silver maple leaf is encapsulated inside a burgundy leatherette, clamshell-style presentation case, lined with black velvet, protected by a black outer sleeve. An individually-numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

Country Canada
Year of Issue 2015
Face Value 15 Dollars
Weight 60.08 g
Diameter See table below
Mintage Limit    9,999
Finish Proof with Enamel
Composition .9999 Fine (Pure) Silver
Edge Reeded (milled, serrated)
Artist Arnold Nogy
Certificate Individually Numbered

Individual Coin Specifications
Coin Specifications table

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Beijing 2-Coin Show SpecialGood Fortune - Health Goat
  New Perth Coin Show Specials!
   Beijing Kangaroo & Goat Set
   Good Fortune - Health - Goat

Hockey Canada BoxHockey Canada Logo
   Hockey Canada Enamel SML!
     Dual Red & Black Enamel
     Limited Mintage Just 7500!

Santa ClausSanta Claus High Relief $1
    Santa Claus High Relief $1!
   1 Oz Pure Silver Medallic Art
    + More Santa Claus Coins!

Glow in the Dark MapleColor Moose
   Canadian October Releases!
  Maples, Space, Deer, Holiday,
   Cougar, Hockey, and more!

Abalone Box2014 Abalone Shell Silver
    Abalone Shell Silver Dollar!
   Limited Qty. Available Again!
 Low Mintage, Genuine Abalone!

Gold Venetian Glass Set
   Gold Venetian Glass 4-Coin Set!
      RARE - Mintage only 100!!
    Hand-Crafted Murano Glass!

2014 Green Enamel MapleSML Set with Red Enamel
     SML Fractional Set!
    w/Red Enamel Maple!
 + Green, Red Enamel SMLs

Snowman $20 SilverIce Dancers
 Canada Christmas Holiday Coins!
     Ice Dancers, Glass Snowman,
   Lenticular, Crystals, and More!

Majestic Maple with JadeCanada 2014 Majestic Maple Color
  Majestic Maple with Real Jade!
    Special Silver Maple Designs!
   + Gold and Platinum Versions!

Color WolfElusive Cougar
       Elusive Cougar Series!
    Silver, Color, Gold Proofs!
    + New Color Wolf, Moose!

Eagle - LoveSacred Teachings - Truth (Turtle)
  Seven Sacred Teachings Series!
   Native American Gold-Plated!
 Honesty, Love, Respect, Wisdom!

O Canada Northern LightsO Canada Holiday
    O Canada New 2014 Series!
 Holiday, Northern Lights, more!
       Silver and Gold Proofs!

Gold DeerDeer Series #3
       Deer Series Silver Proofs!
    3rd Release - Mates Jumping!
    + Gold Proof - Mintage 350!

Interconnections GoldInterconnections Hologram
  Interconnections 3-Coin Series!
 Native American Hologram Set!
       + Gold Proof Versions!

Mother's Love #5 OrangutangLand Down Under Gold Rock Fishing
   Perth Mint October Releases!
    Mother Orangutang, Hades,
   Map Crocodile, Year of Goat!

Land Down Under #2 - Gold Sea TurtleLand Down Under #4 - Rock Fishing
  2014 Land Down Under Series!
     Australian Rock Fishing!
  + Sea Turtle, Sea Plane & Reef!

Mother's Love Set
    Mother's Love  5-Coin Set!
   Mother Orangutang, Grizzly,
    Lioness, Elephant, Giraffe!

2014 Goat 4-Coin Type Set2014 Goat 4-Coin Type Set Box
      2015 Year of the Goat!
  4-Coin 1 Oz Silver Type Set!
     + Previous Years' Sets!

2014 Crocodile Map-Shaped2013 Map Shaped Kangaroo
     Map Shaped Crocodile!
  Australian Map-Shaped Coin!
  Kooka, Koala, Kangaroo, etc.!

2015 Year of the Goat Color2015 Year of the Goat Gold Color
  Australian Year of the Goat!
  Silver and Gold Color Proofs
    + 3-Coin Sets, Kilogram!

Gods of Olympus - HadesGods of Olympus Box
   Gods of Olympus #3 - Hades!
   2 Oz Piedfort Medallic Coins
  Incredible High Relief Design!

Toronto Maple Leafs $10 SilverMontreal Canadiens $10 Silver
  Canada Hockey Silver Proofs!
  Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver
   7 Canadian Teams in Color!

Chinese Mythical Creatures BoxChinese Mythical Creatures 5 Oz Silver
    Chinese Mythical Creatures!
   Perth Mint 5 Oz Silver Proof!
     Low Mintage - Only 1,000!

Bald Eagle BoxBald Eagle
    Bald Eagle 5 Oz High Relief!
   New Perth Mint Silver Proof!
    Tiny Mintage of only 1,500!

Mahogany Sugar Glider $12014 Green Sea Turtle
    Endangered & Extinct Series
   New Mahogany Sugar Glider!
   + Sea Turtle, Tas. Devil, more!

$100 Thorny Devil Gold ProofThorny Devil Lizard
 Thorny Devil Lizard Gold Proof!
       Gold Mintage Only 150!
   Remarkable Reptiles Series!

2014 Abalone Shell SilverDinosaurs #1 Australovenator
   Perth September New Releases!
   Abalone Shell Silver, Opal Owl,
     Dinosaurs, Year of the Goat!

5 Oz Loonie Gold PlatedStar Charts Glow in the Dark
 Canada September New Releases!
    Ducks, Niobium Flowers, Deer,
   Native American, Maples, More!

Opals OwlOpals #5 Tasmanian Devil
      New Opals Series Owl!
  + Possum, Koala, Kangaroo,
   Wombat in Genuine Opal!

2015 Kookaburra2011 Kookaburra
 2015 Kookaburra - 25th Anniv.!
    Many Back Dates Available!
   + Save With Mint Rolls of 20!

Superman's 75th AnniversarySuperman's 75th Anniversary
    2014 Canada Superman Coins!
   Man of Steel in Silver and Gold!
 Vintage & Modern Cover Designs!

River Rapids $20 SilverAutumn Falls Silver
  New Autumn Falls Silver Proof!
   + Autumn Bliss, River Rapids
       Stunning Nature Series!

Conferences GoldGrizzly 0.5g Gold
  Canada's Smallest Gold Coins!
    New Grizzly 0.5 Gram Gold!
    Special Maple Leaf 1/25 Oz!

2014 Pintail Ducks QuarterHarlequin Ducks $10
   Harlequin Ducks 4th in Series!
     Color Silver and Quarters
 + Mallard, Wood & Pintail Ducks!

Show Special Kookaburra2014 Kookaburra Show Special
  New ANDA Coin Show Special
   Kookaburra Color Silver $1!
     Low Mintage - Just 2,000!

2014 D-Day 70thVickers Machine Gun Team
        World War II Tributes!
  Machine Gunner Silver & Gold!
   + D-Day Normandy Invasion!

Maple Canopy #4Spring Canopy
     Fourth Maple Canopy Silver!
  Spring Leaves, Autumn Leaves
    First Two Sold Out Quickly!

ANA Privy SMLChicago ANA Coin Show Privy SML
  ANA Show Special Privy SML!
     Chicago Coin Show Special
 + Berlin World Money Fair Privy!

2013 Barn Owl2014 Scarlet Tanager
    Colorful Birds of Canada
       2014 Scarlet Tanager!
  Plus Previous Sold Out Birds

Canada 2015 Sheep KiloCanada 2015 Gold Sheep
 Canada 2015 Year of the Sheep!
     Round Silver, Gold Proofs
  Lotus-Shaped + Color Kilogram!

Niue 2015 GoatNiue 2015 Year of the Goat Sheep Ram
      Niue 2015 Year of the Goat!
     5 Oz Gold-Plated High Relief
         MINTAGE ONLY 500!!

Swiss Shooting Thaler Silver 2013Swiss Shooting Thaler 1990
      Swiss Shooting Thalers!
     * * Special Purchase! * *
      1990 Winterthur Silver!

Snowy Owl $50Polar Bear $50 Commemorative
 Snowy Owl $50 Commemorative!
  Wildlife Conservation Series #2!
 #1 Polar Bear $50 Silver Available

Towering Boreal Forests $200Towering Forests Box
   Towering Boreal Forests $200!
 New Series - Landscapes of North!
     2 Ounce Silver Matte Proof!

American Buffalo $1Bald Eagle
  American Buffalo 1 Oz Piedfort!
  High Relief Silver $1 from Perth!
     + Bald Eagle Still Available!

2014 Red Trillium Crystal2013 Blue Flag Iris
   Red Trillium Crystal Dewdrops!
    Crystal Raindrop Maple Leafs!
 + Blue Flag Iris, Water Lily, more!

2014 Maple Forever Enamel KiloGold 2012 Maple
    Maple Forever Enamel Kilo!
   + 2014 Platinum, Gold, Silver
   1/10 Ounce to Kilogram Sizes!

2014 Extinct Megafauna Thylacaleo2014 Extinct Megalania
       Extinct Megafauna #5!
  Megalania Giant Monitor Lizard!
+Giant Kangaroo, Diprotodon, Etc!

St. George + Dragon BanknoteLion Banknote
    Lion on Mountainside Silver!
  3rd in Canada Banknote Series
 + Hermes, St. George & Dragon!

Glow In the Dark TiktaalikXenoceratops
     3rd Silver Dinosaur Proof!
    Plus Lenticular Motion and
   Glow-In-the-Dark Dinosaurs!

Mini Koala 0.5 Gram GoldChipmunk 2014 Gold
  2014 Mini Gold 0.5 Gram Koala!
   + Mini Roo, Mini Kookaburra,
 Chipmunk, Bighorn Sheep, more!

World War I PosterWorld War I Declaration 10 Oz Silver 
   World War I 100th Anniversary
  New Canada 10 Oz Silver Proof!
 + Proof Set, BU and Proof Dollars!

Chocolate Scented SilverChocolate Coin
      Chocolate Scented Coin!
  Pure Silver, Mintage only 2500!
  Looks & Smells Like Chocolate

2013 Canada Bison $100 Silver2014 Canada Eagle $100 Silver
 Bald Eagle $100 Commemorative!
  3rd in Wildlife In Motion Series!
 + Bison, Grizzly 1 Oz Silver $100!

2014 Gold KoalaGold Koala
  2014 Gold Koala 1/10 Oz Proof!
    Beautiful, Affordable Gold!
  Many Previous Dates Available!

2009 Tuvalu Saltwater Crocodile $1 Silver2014 Spider-Hunting Scorpion
                SCORPION !!!
       New Deadly & Dangerous
 Spider-Hunting Scorpion Silver $1!

Bald Eagle Color $20Bald Eagle Gold Plated $20
    American Bald Eagle Series!
 "A Day in the Life" from the RCM
  Silver, Gold and Platinum Proofs!

Bison Series #3Bison Series #4
     Bison Series Silver Proofs!
    4th Release - Family at Rest!
 + More Handsome Bison Coins!

2014 Summertime Fun $20 Silver2013 Canada Bobcat $20 Silver
  Summer $20 Commemorative!
      Latest in Silver $20 Series
   Bobcat, Wolf, Iceberg + more!

2014 Gold Bessings of Longevity GoldBlessings of Longevity Silver Maple Leaf 
     Blessings of Longevity Maple!
      + Pure Gold - Mintage 888!!
    Maple of Peace, more Blessings!

Lost Ships #1 - Empress of IrelandLost Ships #1 - Empress of Ireland 
  First in New Series of Lost Ships!
      Crown Size Color, $20 Silver
       RMS Empress of Ireland!

2014 Treasures Mini Gold NuggetsMini Gold Nuggets Gold Proof
     Treasures of the World #2!
            Mini Gold Nuggets!
 Silver Dollar & 1 Oz Gold Proof!

Pope John Paul IIPope John Paul II Canonized April 27
         Pope John Paul II
     Elevation to Sainthood
      Canonization April 27

Bald Eagle #42014 Bald Eagle $100 Silver
   Canada Gold & Silver Eagles!
      4-Coin Silver 1 Oz Series!
  Plus Beautiful 1 Oz Gold Proof!

Santa Maria Glass InsertFamous Sailing Ships Santa Maria
    New Famous Sailing Ships!
     HMS Bounty, Santa Maria!
  Silver with Color Glass Insert!

Fiji Hedgehog $10Fiji Koala + Baby $10
  Fascinating Wildlife - Hedgehog!
      Each with Gemstone Eyes!
    Bald Eagle, Panda, Koala, etc.

2013 Aurora Australis2014 Albatross
  Antarctic Wandering Albatross!
    + Glowing Aurora Australis,
 Orca Killer Whale, Husky, More!

ANDA Show Special 2 Oz Color HorseAustralia 2012 ANDA Special Dragon 2 Oz
  New 2 Oz Color Show Special!
  ANDA Edition, Mintage - 1000!
+ Rabbit, Dragon, Snake Specials

2014 Gilded Koala2014 Koala Color
  2014 Silver Koalas Are Here!
 + Save With Mint Rolls of 20!
   (Click here for all Koalas!)

Oh Canada 12-Coin SetOh! Canada Polar Bear 
     Oh! Canada Proof Sets!
   Silver, Gold in Wood Boxes!
 Complete 2013 Sets Available!

Mythical DragonMythical Creatures #4 - Werewolf
     Mythical Creatures Series!
  5th Coin - Terrifying Dragon!
   5-Coin Series - Mintage 5,000!

2012 Polar Bear Family ProofWildlife In Need Siberian Tiger
    Wildlife in Need 5-Coin Series!
  Panda, Orangutang, Polar Bear,
   Siberian Tiger, and Rhinoceros

Dragons of Legend 4 - Hydra or Bulgarian 3-Headed DragonEuropean Green Dragon #5
   Dragons of Legend 5-Coin Set!
   New European Green Dragon!
    + Special Edition 5 Oz Silver!

Parakeet or Budgerigar / Budgie2013 Fairy Wren
    Colorful Birds of Australia
  Cockatoo, Budgie, Bowerbird
   Blue Fairy Wren, 5 Coin Set!

World Tour of 1 Oz SilverWorld Tour of 1 Oz SilverWorld Tour of 1 Oz Silver

Australia Flag    Australian & Perth Mints
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2014 Australian Coins

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